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13 Dec

The 5 Best Relocation Apps for Businesses

According to data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau, around 40 million Americans relocate every year. That measures up to nearly 38 million change-of-addresses annually. At certain stages of their growth, many business owners consider relocation. Despite the risk, there are many reasons why a business may want to move to another location:

Here are the 5 best relocation apps for businesses:


Operating primarily in Seattle, San Diego, Denver and Chicago, Dolly connects users with potential movers. Whether it's for picking up new furniture, packing up your office space, or even booking a vehicle, the app helps you find movers based on your business needs. Dolly is available on I-phones and Androids.   


The free app creates a digital map of your current workplace, that you can email to different moving companies for accurate price quotes. MoveAdvisor is available on iOS and Android. 


The Houzz app helps you to add upgrades to your office virtually. With more than 10 million high resolution photographs, you can see how a new color scheme looks, or whether investing in new lighting features is necessary. Houzz is available both on iOS and Android.  


Moved is a free service that operates throughout the US. It pairs you up with your very own personal assistant, who guides you through text at every step of the moving process. Moved is available only on I-phones.  


The Zillow app allows you to create a walk-through video of your office space. This helps your business property stand out from other commercial listings, because prospective buyers have the opportunity to have a virtual tour. The Zillow app is free to download for iPhone and Android users.


Relocating a business is a formidable challenge. It involves a lot of resources, intensive planning and detailed logistics. But businesses that take advantage of technology, can make this period of transition easier. For more information on smart innovations and digital solutions, please contact our team today.


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