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Testing Mobile Software is Vital in Web Development

The approach Folio1 takes toward testing in our web development process, is a big component in our overall success. Having advanced mobile functionality for universal application, is a complex task because of the many devices the software needs to be acclimated to. Creating workable functionality in advanced mobile technology requires rigorous and detailed testing and adjusting. Let''s look at one case study to see how testing is part of overall web development, when we examine Simply Energy''s mobile project.

This large energy company needed mobile site development in order for customers to trust enough to sign up. With low mobile conversion rates, Folio1''s team zeroed in on the UI design flaws and other finely tuned details. Adding HTML5 input type to fill out forms and creating better overall functionality of mobile website''s dashboard, Folio1 found the solutions needed. Now, they have to see if the upgraded mobile software and adjustments made work by testing it.

Folio1 has the experience and knowledge in testing to know which devices need to be tested to attain universal look and functionality applicable unto all devices: new or used over the last number of years. For Simply Energy, there was found a number of differences with phones and browser OS versions, so testing was vital. Mobile devices come in so many different forms compared to a computer desktop or laptop, so testing naturally takes longer.

Experienced web developers make the difference when it comes to testing multiple devices and the differing OS on them. When using Foloi1''s experienced developers to solve large or small mobile testing projects, precision results are to be expected. This can make the difference between a successful launch of a product or service, and has many times for our satisfied customers like Simply Energy – who had a 44% growth in mobile purchases after Folio1''s help. To learn more, please contact us.

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