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24 Aug

Social Media and Content Go Hand in Hand

In the past, social media and content were thought of as separate and distinct things. Content is what companies and brands used to attract attention, educate and inform prospective customers; and cause them to take a desired action. Social media is what consumers used to communicate - primarily with one another and occasionally with companies.

As social media has grown, companies and brands have needed to create more and more content in order to remain relevant and foster engagement on social media channels. Therein lies the challenge. How do you effectively incorporate content into social media.

Here are five ideas that will get your creative juices flowing:

    1. Solicit feedback about your products. 
      This is best done by asking for feedback about a specific product, rather than a generic request for feedback. It''s also important that you respond to this feedback right there on the same medium you received it. This tells fans and followers that you take their comments seriously.
    2. Post behind-the-scenes photos and videos.
      Images, both photo and video, are much more engaging on social media; and are more shareable. This is especially true if the images aren''t highly produced. Candid shots of employees manufacturing or even using your products are great. If they''re humorous in some way, so much the better.
    3. Post polls. 
      Polls are another great way to engage people on social media. Some outlets, like Facebook, offer built-in polls. You can also use services like SurveyMonkey. In addition to fostering engagement, polls can also give you valuable information about your market.
    4. Recycle old blog posts. 
      There''s a wealth of content just waiting for you to use right there on your blog. Even if a post is from years ago, it may still be relevant today. If it is, post a link to it on social media along with a brief description of the topic.
  1. Curate content.
    In addition to linking to your own blog and other content you created, you can post links to other people''s content, as long as it''s relevant. The originator of the content will appreciate it, and your fans and followers will too.

What ideas of your own did these suggestions inspire? Write them all down. When you find yourself occasionally wondering what to post on your social media pages, check your little cheat-sheet for ideas. This will help keep your social media content fresh and engaging.

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