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15 Sep

Serverless Framework Overview

 However, a new technology called the serverless framework has emerged. It allows apps to be placed on the web and freely accessed when necessary. It does not require specific servers although it is primarily for existing users of Amazon Web Services on their AWS Lambda platform.

The serverless framework is built on top of Node.js and is free and open source. The platform runs Python, Node.js and soon Java code. Applications must use these code at present to interact with the serverless framework.

The chief benefit of the framework is that it theoretically sits inside the web and not on a particular server. That means that distribution and computation can be done much faster and more efficiently with this technology. Rather than contacting a specific server to get content, the serverless framework can rotate the content to where it is needed, when it is needed.

Companies that need to crunch big data, perform rapid operations like stock trading or search vast databases for information may want to use a serverless framework to make their operations faster and cheaper. Additionally, they may use this technology to enable both technology and core operations professionals around the world. They are given more power and autonomy to run the tasks they need by taking advantage of the technology.

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