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26 Oct

Responsive Design 3 Trends

Your responsive design means the difference between website visibility and viability with today''s modern online consumer. Here are three trends that successful companies have followed to bolster their web design within the mobile platform and beyond.

Flat Design

The minimalist design known as "flat design" is a way to bring across a complete visual idea without weighing down on the resources of smaller smart phones and tablets. Sharp vector angles and precise representation of ideas replace boisterous color and minute detail. Flat design has been one of the top trends of the past few years.

Card Design

Modern content needs to fit on screens of various sizes. Card design allows the customer to engage many ideas at once without losing the principal idea behind each individual page or thought. YouTube makes use of card design extensively, and YouTube encourages creators to include cards in their content.

Branding Digitally First

When companies begin to realize that most of their primary engagements with customers are online, they will naturally begin to formulate design ideas that are primarily meant for the digital space. Currently, many companies still take many of their digital ideas from their TV and radio spots, and the ideas do not translate well all of the time.

Digital branding is more than visual - it means changing the entire scope of thought to a more fast-paced, integrated and immediate experience for the consumer.

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