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12 Apr

Reasons For Moving Your Business Operations To Microsoft Dynamics 365

A strong business foundation and continuous improvement are some of the aspects that promote success. As such, entrepreneurs can use several approaches to enhance operations within their firms, including adopting such applications as Microsoft Dynamics 365. Currently, most companies are using this application, and you need to consider this as well.

Here are some of the attributes of moving your business operations to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Access To A Common Data Model As firms become wary of what they plan to spend their budgets on, Microsoft Dynamics 365 becomes an ideal option because it addresses this concern effectively. Previously, there was a need to invest in ERP and CRM software since each of these serves a particular purpose. Also, the resourcefulness of such software implies that companies have to spend on these applications.

That may become a heavy financial burden to bear for budget-conscious enterprises. However, Dynamics 365 avails a unified data model for both ERP and CRM software. As such, both financial and operational data share the same source, and the result is significant savings on cost.

Enhanced Outlook Experience Speed and proper management of available resources are prerequisites for an ideal application for most companies. Different from the old Dynamics CRM with an Outlook plugin which you install on your PC, the new version runs on the cloud. The former option is slow and inappropriate in the current business environment.

Since the new Outlook App is lightweight, it performs faster and incorporates artificial intelligence too. That is an added advantage because users can now access recommendations from existing details on their CRM system.

Access To Non-developer Tools Ability to build applications in the CRM system using visual designers helps firms create custom business process flows. Over and above that, the visual designer in the new version includes conditional branching to drag-and-drop processes.

That contributes to enhancement in the deployment of process flows. If you need more information on why you need to move to Microsoft Dynamics 365, contact our team today!

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