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Reaching Team Potential with Powerful Software Development Tools

Folio1 Collaborative Development

In large part, Folio1 success in helping our clients is due to the software development tools we use as part of our comprehensive service. Folio1 is able to offer our clients Atlassian software, a leading solution in software development and other agile team applications.

Atlassian believes in empowering the team and helping to unleash the potential they have working together. Their products include: JIRA software, JIRA Service Desk, HipChat, Confluence, and Bitbucket. With JIRA, team members can use over 800 add-ons found in their marketplace like Portfolio for JIRA, Tempo Timesheets, Zephyr. Use the development tools like Confluence, Bitbucket, HipChat along with hundreds of more to integrate other tools within the workflow you may have already.

With the help of premier market leading Atlassian Enterprise software products, Folio1 has been successfully providing advanced communication solutions to our clients for years. Our consultation and assessment of your current business process, will give us the ability to decide on the most cost-effective and strategic ways to reach the goals of your business. This software is a well-thought out tool, which our service deploys with the focus on unifying your team toward clarified objectives.

Any team will benefit greatly with Atlassian software, from start-ups to enterprise level organizations. Plan, track, release, report, ship, and more tasks can be accomplished in a faster more efficient way. The time and effort saved with the organized central platform and tools, will open room for innovation and growth. Yet, even this may only be a secondary benefit when looking at the powerfully increased capabilities and ability your team has. Ultimately, unleashing the power of a team will lead to increased revenues and delivered business'' objectives.

JIRA software by Atlassian is the number one tool used by agile groups and is powering over 50k companies worldwide today. For software development teams or other business and industry teams, the usable and workable interface allows for better understanding and communication between individuals. Drag and drop scrum board with easy to use tools, allow for quick changes and a more creative process to develop with clarity and understanding between team members. The team members including management, benefit with clear direction given in an organized way for error free workflow. This allows workers to focus more on tasks, instead of tedious workflow corrections created by an inadequate communication systems in place.

Within the comprehensive solutions Folio1 offers clients, only the best proven tools are employed which deliver great results. Our customized online solutions in strategy, design, and technology has been helping clients reach their potential since 2007. A large part of our success is because of our partnership with great softwear development tools like Atlassian''s JIRA products. Contact us to know more or get started today.

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