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12 Sep

Rapid Digital Transformation


The electronic age is here and companies are rapidly moving to digital organizations. This digital transformation is rapidly effecting all companies. However, the transformation is moving from singular solutions for all organizations to multiple modules and applications. That is making business more efficient, more customized and more profitable.

Example: Windows

In the old days, Windows Operating system with the addition of Microsoft Office was a one stop shop that provided all of the productivity solutions for a single company. While they were limited, they were all under one system and never changed. They took up a relatively set amount of storage space and were stored on the computer's hard drive.

Today this has all changed. The Windows app store allows individuals to download one of the millions of apps stored on the cloud and apply it to their system as necessary. Only the custom apps that are most suited are downloaded onto the hard drive. The rest stay in the cloud until they are needed. This module method of software use is much better suited for each person's needs.


Similarly, businesses are using the module method to digitally transform their business. While the old days had major ERP, CRM and financial systems in one package, today it is all different. Companies apply the module they need for their specific business. Manufacturing companies might integrate their ERP with shop floor process using a specified module. Consumer goods companies may automate their marketing processes using specified models as well. Each of these digital transformations makes the company much more effective.

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