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14 Sep

Questions About Native Application Development

Three Questions About Native Application Development and Their Answers

Mobile platforms and apps'' popularity has sparked debate among web developers about the best methods to create and develop apps. Some developers prefer cross-platform development while others lean toward native application development. But what does it all mean? Here are some quick answers to these seemingly complex questions.

What it is?
It''s pretty simple. Think about languages. If you are a native speaker of Italian you will communicate very easily with another native Italian speaker. No one understands a native better than another native.
Since tech devices communicate information in languages, an Android phone communicates the best with an app coded in its native language, Android. An iPhone communicates best with an app coded in IOS.

Applications developed in a native language (IOS, Android, etc) work best on devices designed specifically for their native language.

Who uses it?
Developers need to create applications that work fluently within the devices'' native language. Sometimes universal languages work but just like anything else, subtleties can be lost in translation. Sometimes the code simply isn''t fluent in, say, iPhone.

The developer''s role is to create as fluent an application as possible.

Why do you need to know?
When you are thinking of developing an app, it''s important to think about user experience (UX). An app is only useful if it''s intuitive and accessible.

Since a native app is built specifically for a user''s device, users are able to easily obtain updates. Additionally, the rest of the device''s functionality is still operational inside the app. These are some of the subtleties referred to earlier.

Overall, native apps provide users with the best experience, but only when used on the app''s intended device.

For more information on the benefits of native application development, or to learn whether it is suitable for your project then please contact us.

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