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23 Jun

Progress Sitefintiy - The Digital Experience Cloud

Marketers are constantly seeking new ways to connect with prospects and optimize their journey towards purchasing the product. As competition for new customers gets more fierce, marketers are looking for a leg up to provide the most comprehensive and personalized message to convert prospects to sales. The Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud creates a universal tool for marketers to deliver, track and optimize each prospects journey until they become a customer. It is a breakthrough in marketing technology.

Customer Journey Personalization

This component tracks and analyzes each customer through Big Data processing and creates a detailed predictive model of the individual. Next, the software helps to define the “Best Next Experience” that will most likely convert the prospect to a sale and automatically delivers the content to them.

Customer Journey Optimization

Finding unlikely customers or circling back around to old contacts that can be new customers is a potential hidden gold mine for companies. The system helps to identify these potential clients with the highest likelihood of conversion. Additionally, the system helps marketers focus by optimizing efforts on current clients that are most likely to convert.

Customer Journey Analysis

Each potential client is tracked from origination to conversion. The clients are graded based on the marketing that the company is providing to them and predicts the most likely outcome for each prospect. The system also creates a comprehensive marketing report that aggregates these efforts and the results.

Customer Journey Database

The database is no ordinary CRM list of potential clients. It aggregates data from a number of sources to produce a 360 view of each client including demographic information, historical data and likely tendencies of each contact.

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