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15 Feb

Process Automations Can Lead To Better Guest Experiences in the Hospitality Industry

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The way everyone consumes services in the hospitality industry continues to change significantly as the industry continues to change its infrastructure and its services. The hospitality industry continues to make great changes as a response to us now living in the digital age. Before we know it, all the technologies that are now being introduced will have become the popular and mainstreams technologies.One of the technologies that we believe will move into the mainstream very soon is process automation. Process automation will significantly impact a variety of things in the hospitality industry, including the booking processes and the rewards processes. As more hotels begin to partner with different providers in an attempt to be more connected with the travel industry, there will be a more efficient loyalty and rewards program.The loyalty and rewards programming will consist of more than just the hotel. The network can be expanded to include restaurants and airlines. Hotel booking and hotel purchasing is also another essential focus. These two aspects will eventually be integrated with online chatbots, which will create a new notification and communication channel for all hotel guests.

Process Automation

While we have previously mentioned the transformation of the guest experience, that is not the only thing that will be transformed. There will be other major changes that we expect to take place in the hospitality industry. We expect to see robotics in the hospitality industry sooner than many people may believe. When robotics are introduced to the hospitality industry, they will be able to automate processes that are related to call centres and cleaning services. Process automation will also find its way to the finance, inventory, and supply-chain management aspects of a hotel operation.We know that some guests will get the feeling that a robot door greeter is a little weird, but others will enjoy their first interaction and walk away with the sense that we are headed into a very interesting direction when it comes to technology. If you really want to make your guests more open and receptive to automation, you will need to ensure that you have a plan and strategy you believe will work. What you plan to do with the process automation will count the most. This also includes using the technology you have to give your guests a reason to spend their money at your hotel.

Guest Experiences 

As technology continues to make waves in the hospitality and travel industry, the experience guests receive at the hotel should not be an exception. People have grown very comfortable with technology, and this increased comfort is leading to a variety of trends that are disrupting the landscape. There are many travellers that will highly approve of staffless hotels for a variety of reasons. Staffless hotels can also be the key to reducing many costs that are related to the hotel operation and human resources. Guests are more open and accepting to hotel lobbies that are filled with tech-related products. Due to the acceptance of these types of hotel lobbies, many hospitality companies are more willing to take a chance on the IoT(Internet of Things).Automation has existed for several decades, but due to the rise in competition, those in the hotel industry need to be able to create experiences that are more personalised. Your hotel guests will appreciate the difference in having a robot that can only greet them and the robot that can actually fulfil their needs during their stay at your hotel. Robots are a great addition for those in the hospitality industry who want to make waves with their marketing strategies, but people love robots and will become loyal to your hotel brand because of the experiences they receive. Innovations like machine learning and virtual reality are completely changing the hospitality industry right before our eyes.

Additional Benefits of Applying Process Automation

While we understand how great technology is, we know that the hospitality industry cannot replace the human aspect of it. There will always be a relationship between technological capabilities and human capabilities. Process automation can give us the insight we need to take action, but providing the best guest experience will still be an action that needs to be taken by humans. 

For more information on how automation can free up time for your employees to concentrate on other tasks while improving the overall guest and customer experience, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

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