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14 Jul

Payment Integration Trending Fast to Meet Consumer Needs

Payment Integration is fast becoming the trend for paying for services and goods on the spot using an iOS app. Needing to keep apace, most companies are turning to a software developer like Folio1 to find the answer. The Vancouver, B.C. company PayByPhone recently introduced its redesigned iOS app to the American market. Many companies have already begun to tie payment for goods and services to PayPal. The global markets are quickly transitioning to stay abreast of the consumer''s demand for transacting business quickly and with ease.

Want to pay for parking without making the consumer reach into their wallet for cash or a credit card? PayByPhone has satisfied that consumer need. Payment integration provides the solution by allowing the consumer to use their iOS device. Nearly every service and product provider to the public will soon have its own iOS app enabling the consumer to pay immediately.

Folio1 works with companies'' software staff to help incorporate third-party software. The service goes beyond just providing installation help. It extends to the integration, configuration and extension of current applications. Even beyond payment integration, Folio1 becomes an indispensable source for a companies'' software team to turn to when problems seem just too complex.

The market is moving so quickly that Apple has now ventured into the market wanting to compete directly with PayPal. WCCF Tech reports, "Apple’s mobile-based payment system sees another forthcoming extension that would allow it to integrate with websites visited on iOS devices." Moving from just the app on the iOS device, the competition for providing website support for payment of goods and service is now in full swing.

Companies can no longer afford to wait and see how well a new trend will unfold. They need to stay at the crest of the wave of competition to keep their goods and services in the eyes and minds of consumers. Folio1 has the expertise to provide the software integration for companies to quickly respond to consumer, market and product trends that may affect their company''s profit.

To discover how to keep apace with consumer trends through software development solutions, contact us.

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