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7 Feb

Our Team is Adept With iBeacon Software Technology

Within our three outlined services: strategy, technology, and design – iBeacon falls under the technology section. Providing the expertise to implement iBeacon software is only part of our overall technology services. This service provides our clients with cutting edge bluetooth technology. Folio1 has powerful technology partners and a team of professionals adept in iBeacon software technology.

Recently, a company called Wayfinder used iBeacon technology to deploy beacons to visually impaired commuters in London train stations. The phone application prototype interacts with bluetooth emitting beacons, giving directions to commuters. This news found in an article written December 8, 2015 in the“ibeacon insider”.

This bluetooth technology is useful for many different tasks. Businesses can track customers, execute local-based action, check-in for workflow, social media notification interaction, and more. Innovative marketing strategies and improved metrics are a couple benefits companies gain using iBeacon technology. Folio1 knows how important iBeacon software platforms are, and have the expert technicians able to design workable platforms for each unique business we serve.

Within Folio1''s approach in serving our valuable clients, is finding the right strategy for each unique project. While iBeacon software is a powerful asset for some companies, others may only have a marginal use for it. Our experienced consultants can guide clients through the process of upgrading business systems, while offering innovative solutions with custom designed applications.

Gain a fresh perspective on how an iBeacon software platform can improve your business'' processes. Build your business around this technology, or just use it for marketing purposes with social media platforms – either way, Folio1 can seamlessly integrate this platform into all systems. Knowing which solution to use for which project and then expertly implementing it for optimal results, is where Folio1 excels. Please contact us if interested in learning more about iBeacon software platforms or with any other questions.

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