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28 Sep

Omnichannel Design: Who and What is It For

Omnichannel design is a marketing and customer service tool that many of us use every day. Whether you are loading your Starbuck''s card, planning a trip to Disneyworld or placing an online order at Chipotle, you are experiencing omnichannel design. Here''s how it works.

Many businesses engage customers across various channels: desktop, mobile, customer service, in-store. When these experiences are integrated, for instance, when you can place an order on your phone and have it available for pick-up at a store, then you have experienced omnichannel integration.

Customer Satisfaction
Companies and organizations that successfully design omnichannel experiences for their customers end up with greater customer satisfaction and greater customer engagement.
Additionally, by having multiple channels available to customers and potential customers, businesses have dramatically increased their points of sale. And it''s not just sales, omnichannel design provides customers with an entire experience. They can find answers to questions, place orders, contact customer service and plan future purchases across seamlessly updated platforms.

Continual Development
Of course, developing a seamless omnichannel customer experience takes a great deal of planning and sophisticated organization. One recent Hubspot post listed seven companies (Disney, Chipotle, Starbucks and others) that have optimized the omnichannel experience for their customers.

There is one notable item missing from the list: small businesses. The article''s author stated that the "scale of some of the integrations.... feel out of reach for smaller companies" but he doesn''t "think that we are that far away" from seeing small companies and businesses achieve omnichannel status. The reason? Technology keeps developing.

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