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24 Feb

New Interactive Visual Studio Code

In matters of development and innovation, none beats Microsoft. From cutting edge applications that work seamlessly, Microsoft still reigns supreme in many fields including project development. Perhaps one of their latest developments is the upgrade of Microsoft visual studio code (also known and version 1.9) to aid in the faster project building. The notable thing about the update is that most of the enhancements are testable from the interactive playground feature.   

Speaking of an interactive playground, it could turn out as an awesome addition, as it could prove useful with the added tools on the board. For example, there is a new feature that allows multiple editing. All the user needs to do is to place the cursors at the beginning of all occurrences of a string of codes and voila, the simultaneous editing made possible. Other notable highlights of the upgrade include:   

Markdown preview   

The editor allows an instant markdown preview such that as the user scrolls through the codes, so does the show open, hence allowing the user to open a code preview without the need to stop working on the rest of the codes.   

Editor formatting   

The new upgrade also allows formats on paste through a couple of code settings that users can understand.   

Flexible languages   

The upgrade supports the use of Typescript 2.1.5 and easy switching among versions including references and CodeLens.       

Enabled single file debugging   

The feature allows the user to debug a single file without the need to launch the whole project by just pressing the F5 key at the onset of a debug session. Contact us for more information.

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