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Microsoft SQL Server 2019

Microsoft SQL Server 2019

With SQL Server 2008 coming to the end of its life cycle this summer, it's time to modernise your data platform to Microsoft SQL Server 2019. Power your organisation by providing a data hub that you can use to access data sources from across your entire data estate through a consistent interface. If you want a hand in making the transition, you know we are always here to help. Contact us for more information on the benefits and specifics on how to upgrade to SQL Server 2019 today.


  • Industry landscape and trends
  • Data virtualization
  • Platform flexibility in the data estate
  • SQL Server 2019: power and flexibility
  • Enhanced PolyBase —query over any type of data
  • SQL Server Big Data Clusters —scalable compute and storage
  • Database engine enhancements
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • SQL Server 2019 tooling
  • Conclusion

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