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11 Oct

Microsoft Insights - Azure and Java Together Now

More and more, companies are turning to serverless computing products like Azure to run their various computing services.  With this in mind, one of the ways in which to continue to expand this trend is to allow developers to have increased flexibility in their choice of programming languages, while still taking advantage of everything that concepts like serverless computing have to offer.  Microsoft has listened to the world of developers and recently announced they intend to soon support multiple programming languages with their Azure serverless computing service, with Java as the first language they plan to support.

A Seamless Transition

Java developers wanting to utilize any Azure functions should find the transition fairly seamless.  There are no new tools that Java developers need to learn in order to use any of the Azure functions.  With the recently released Maven plugin for Java, developers should be able to create, build and deploy any Azure functions from their already existing Maven-enabled projects.

Additional Perks

The new Azure-enabled Java runtime will take advantage of several features offered by Azure Functions including a serverless execution model with auto-scale, a broad range of data bindings and triggering options, in addition to providing pay-per-execution pricing.  Developers will still be able to use their local IDEs if they prefer, while still taking advantage of the new Azure Function Core Tools. 

Adding the ability to use Java with Azure was one of the top developer requests, so it will be interesting to see how much excitement this new relationship will generate and what new advancements will occur in application development.  Want to know more about Microsoft Azure and serverless computing?  

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