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21 Jul

Microsoft Insights - 3 Office 365 Tips to Make Work Life Easier

As with many software products, Office 365 frequently undergoes changes and improvements.  Sometimes it's easy for really great functions to get lost among all the other released features.  Listed below are some Microsoft insights for Office 365 designed to make your work life more streamlined and productive, thereby making your work life just a bit easier.

Outlook Plugins

Outlook offers Uber as a third-party plugin.  You can set up an Uber Ride Reminder from any calendar event.  To initiate, after downloading the plugin from the Office Store, simply select an Uber Ride Reminder from the apps section when creating an Outlook event.  When it's time to leave, Uber will send you a notification.  Acting on the notification launches Uber where you can simply confirm your request.  

You can also make PayPal payments from within Outlook.  Simply open up the PayPal app from within Outlook, select an email address and send a payment.

Working Offline

Sometimes when working on-the-go internet access is sketchy.  If you still need to work and cannot wait for a better internet connection, go under Settings and enable "Offline Access".  Once you have reliable internet access, simply sync all your changes.

Keep your Inbox Organized

The amount of email that most people receive on a daily basis is astounding.  Without proper management, it can quickly become out of control.  No one wants to sift through countless low priority emails in search of emails that contain really important information.  You can teach Office 365 how to determine which emails are low-priority and contain them in a separate folder.  To enable this feature, go to Settings > Options > Mail > Automatic processing > Clutter and choose "Separate items identified as Clutter".  Once enabled, simply mark the emails you want moved to your clutter folder.  Over time as Office 365 learns about your priorities, it will perform the sorting automatically for you.

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