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26 Mar

Microsoft Finally Decides to Pull the Plug on Windows Vista

Folio1 Startup News

Recent research showed that majority of Microsoft users use the latest Windows, that is Windows 10. However, for the unfortunate percentage that still uses the old version windows vista, I think it's time to shift. Some users have remained adamant to using the previous version vista windows despite the cool and awesome updates available in the latest Windows 10.   

In a recent announcement, Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on Windows Vista.  What does this mean for Windows 7 and Windows XP? Well, for starters, you can say goodbye to regular updates from time to time. In the past, Vista acted as a gap window between windows 7 and windows XP. Many developers have in the past dubbed windows vista as a resource hog; as in some instances, it runs slower than its processors.   

Microsoft terminated support for Windows Vista in 2012 but decided to leave extended support open for option of commercial clients. However, with the recent technological advances and operating systems, windows vista is totally outdated.   

The real implication of termination of support   

For the users who still maintain on not updating their windows, yes you will continue using the Windows Vista, but you will not receive permanent new security fixes which are of particular importance with the ever evolving computer malware. You will also miss out on the free updates enjoyed by users using the supported windows, hot fixes, and assisted online technical content updates, meaning if you are to encounter a problem with your Windows Vista you won't find any material to help you on that.   

In a nutshell, although your computer can still run on Vista, it's not a wise move, you need permanent security fixes to protect you from dangerous malware over time. Contact us for more information.

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