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8 Sep

Microsoft Cloud Azure

Medium to small business enterprises are dropping the traditional on-premise application and hardware infrastructure for the conventional software as a service model. This majorly involves cloud computing and hosting platforms such as Microsoft Cloud Azure.

The cloud computing industry is a populous franchise with various software enterprises offering their services to companies. However, Microsoft Cloud Azure has new remarkable features that stand out from the rest of cloud hosting companies in the market.

This blog will give insight into new developments and software updates of Microsoft's Cloud Azure that sets it apart from its competitors.


Microsoft Cloud Azure has over 50 new comprehensive compliance coverage. This ensures that cloud hosting services work for the business using a pay-as-you-go system. The company only pays for the cloud space that they use and not an entire domain. This saves the company costs.


Azure continues to garner acclaim from business moguls as one of the most flexible cloud hosting applications. Businesses can expand and scale their enterprises by just incorporating new programs according to the demands of the company. Furthermore, substantial investments in hardware components is no longer a cost expanding businesses have to incur.


Azure comes with safety provisions for the privacy, confidentiality, and availability of organization data at all time. Azure IP Advantage provides arguably the best intellectual property protection in the cloud computing industry. The use of Azure in U.S government institutions is a testimony of its solid and secure framework.

Automatic Upgrades

Microsoft Cloud Azure is subject to frequent security, application, and operating system patching. Updates such as  Azure IP Advantage improve the functionality and services of Cloud Azure. The updates are in tandem with the demands and needs of business enterprises all over the world.

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