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4 Mar

Microsoft announced Azure Functions

Last week Microsoft announced Azure Functions, an update to the Azure Cloud system that allows for better integration of serverless applications. Already a powerful source of web application tools, Azure is both simplified and empowered by the new features. Developers already familiar with Azure will be pleased at the increase in usability while prospective users will find a lower learning curve than ever before.

Open Source Deployment and Easier Proxies

A key feature of Azure Functions is its newfound connection with a tool known as the Serverless Framework. This open source tool vastly decreases the back-end interactions required of developers. It assists in managing resources and monitoring so that the users are freed to spend more time creating and improving their applications. The Framework is an efficient way to automate many of the more frustrating aspects of application deployment.

Azure Functions will also include a quicker and easier way to create proxies. The Azure Functions Proxies capability will assist in crafting many varieties of proxies including single APIs for multiple function apps and reverse proxies that can even target another function app. Connection possibilities are endless with Azure Functions Proxies.

PowerApps and Flow

On an even more exciting note, Azure Functions now features integrated employment of PowerApps and Flow. These services remove much of the coding from the app creation process, allowing users to focus on sharing their areas of expertise. Thanks to Azure Functions, users can now create seamless automated workflows and custom apps that would previously have required a much greater commitment of time and resources.

Microsoft is now previewing all of this and more with the Azure functions update. For more Microsoft Insights and information on Azure and other aspects of web application development, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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