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15 Feb

MBaaS, Pig, Stacks & Puppets: Latest Programming Languages & Trends

As tech companies expand beyond Silicon Valley, programmers, developers and designers in other regions are given opportunities that they have not previously seen. But, what are the latest programming languages & trends in today''s market? And how can developers beyond the Valley''s borders position themselves to take advantage of new opportunities?

MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service)

The cloud''s power resides in the fact that it can be accessed through a multitude of mobile devices. Employees access data and enterprise software anywhere, through a variety of devices, including personal ones. This poses some challenges from the development standpoint. But, those challenges are met by developers who possess experience and skill with lightweight scripting languages. Languages, such as Node.js, are used to build flexible mobile applications that integrate with backend storage.

BaaS developers create API''s that integrate with social accounts, optimize file sharing, provide push notifications, and function across a range of platforms and pre-existing enterprise backend storage options.

According to TechCrunch demand for BaaS will increase in 2016 as more organizations look to cloud storage and aim to improve mobile functionality.

Data Management and Analysis

And what, exactly is stored in the cloud? Data. Lots of it. Bob Melk, president of Dice, told Fast Company:

"As more businesses look to build out their tech infrastructures, employers need solutions to securely store, manage, and process large sets of data."

Fast Company contributor, Lydia Dishman concludes that the demand for tech professionals with big data analytic skills and cloud "expertise" is the force behind a salary surge in those fields.

Dishman documents a rise in demand for tech professionals capable of building for big data. This includes those fluent in Pig, Puppet, OpenStack, CloudStack, Hanna and others.

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