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5 Mar

Marketo - A Cloud-Based Marketing Platform

Effective marketing tools are an essential component of almost every organisation, regardless of size. As the field of technology continues to evolve, more and more opportunities become available to reach both current and new customers in the areas of social media, online videos, email and digital ads.  In order for organisations to remain competitive in their marketing efforts, Marketo has developed a best-in-class automated, cloud-based marketing platform.

Marketo Marketing Solutions

Marketo offers a comprehensive package that addresses areas such as mobile marketing, lead management tools, email marketing and strategies on how organisations can engage and retain current customers across multiple channels, as well as connect with new ones.  Also critically important are tools that can help companies analyze their marketing efforts in order to determine which methods are most effective.  Marketo accomplishes this by providing tools that allow companies to track customer journeys while measuring performance metrics along the way.  Their platform also includes intuitive tools that allow businesses to create reports and view dashboards in order to evaluate the effectiveness of sales campaigns and as well as other marketing efforts.

Solutions Both Large and Small

Marketo has the ability to tailor their marketing platform to accommodate a range of companies, from small start-ups to large companies such as GE, Charles Schwab and CA Technologies. They also offer customised marketing solutions for various industries including financial services, higher education, manufacturing and healthcare.  Regardless of size and industry, Marketo is committed to delivering creative, innovative and effective marketing products to their clients.

Microsoft and Marketo

Strategically, the Marketo marketing platform is designed to seamlessly mesh with Microsoft's customer relationship management application, also known as Dynamics CRM.  A small sample of this integration includes scoring and prioritizing sales leads in order to deliver the most promising candidates to sales reps.  It can also pass along information such as buyer behavior and which web pages they have visited on an organisation's site. 

If you'd like more information about Marketo's cloud-based marketing platform, please contact us.

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