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7 Nov

Market Products with Content Management Systems

Content management systems are state of the art marketing tools. From your content management system, you capture your audience''s interests, preferences, and leads to what they might like. The latest content management systems are compliant with the Federal Communications Commission Telephone Consumer Protection Act. In 2015, content management systems build databases of interested customers while obtaining permission to add their addresses to your email marketing lists.

Your readers who check your prices are not just looking for information. They are considering purchasing your products. Now, it’s possible to separate serious purchases from those just surfing the web. Your serious customers deserve more of your time and attention. The reader who spent 8 minutes on 6 of your pages is more interested than the reader who spent 30 seconds on 1 of your pages.

The latest content management software packages send your content and product information in response to search inquiries and respond automatically with more information to nurture and retain your sales leads. Adding widgets to link to content management systems takes as little as 10 minutes of your time. You may gain as many as 1,000 leads in three months or a 12% increase in sales over a three-month interval.

Anyone suffering through a myriad of twitter tweets, blog posts, and filler emails, makes rapid decisions to respond to this one, not that one, without knowing which correspondents are really interested. Content management systems further automate your marketing campaign, ensure fast delivery of your product, and reduce your need to interface with your customers. Content management software interfaces with Facebook, Twitter, email systems, and major search engines.

Contact us for information about inexpensive, easy ways to manage your content, respond to your customers, and reduce your junk emails while increasing profit and customer satisfaction. Increase your sales and your customer database daily, weekly, and monthly with content management systems.

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