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6 Dec

Make the Lean Leap: Adopt Agile Software Development Now!

If your company is still in "analysis paralysis" about making the move to the Agile software development methodology, now is the time to finally take the leap.

Sinking Ground
The methodologies of the past are no longer viable today. Monolithic project pans, design by committee, delayed red-tape approvals, and missed deadlines are sinking ground. The results are in, and the evidence is overwhelming that you must make the change now in order to compete in the modern software development landscape. Don't get left behind... where you are now is not going to last.

Don't Hold Back
Perhaps your company has toyed with the idea and taken small incremental steps toward adopting Agile? Half-way measures like "Agilefall" and "ScrumBut" only fool you into thinking you''re doing enough to compete with other companies who have gone fully Agile. The truth is, the very nature of Agile requires an "all in" adoption. Don''t delay any longer....take the leap like your future depends on it.

Leap of Faith
Throw away the excuses and start from scratch with a thorough reading of the Agile Manifesto and the Twelve Principles. Take the time (it will take less than you think) to let your development team absorb the ideas, express their concerns, and ultimately embrace this new methodology. Spread the word to the rest of the company that your software development team has finally made the leap. Celebrate the victory...you are now on the other side!

Enjoy the Results
Fully adopted Agile will result in changes you can enjoy. Increased communication and collaboration within the team will improve the atmosphere of the workplace. Likewise, clearer requirements and enhanced efficiency will improve the quality of the product. Look forward to the future...you've put the old ways behind you.

No matter where you are in the journey to adopting Agile, Folio1 can help you make the lean leap.

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