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13 May

Latest Trends in Open Source and Cloud Platform Technologies

The latest trends for cloud platform technologies include faster load times, better security and more freedom for a business to choose the proper cloud platform architecture. The latter option will need an experienced IT support team, so make sure you have a capable technology agency who can build and manage it to your specification.

Faster Storage
Speed on a cloud platform owes partially to congestion levels on the network as well as data I/O speeds. Cloud hosts have become more competitive by offering faster storage solutions like SSD drives and high-speed (15K) SATA drives. The hard drives can also be run in RAID configuration for even faster speeds while data redundancy is taken care of through off-site backups.

A Push For More Secure Sites
Topics like hacking and enterprise security are constant concerns for the company''s IT department. A simple way to secure your company''s web presence is to use an SSL certificate for customer facing web properties. In an effort to secure the global modern web, a coalition of companies (including Google, Facebook and Cisco) have introduced Let''s Encrypt, an open source SSL certificate provider that is free and automated. Cloud hosting platforms like Vultr have made implementing these security certificates a breeze in an effort to spur adoption.

Denial of Service (DDoS) Detection
Nobody wants their customers to be blocked from the business''s main site because of a nefarious DDoS attack on the server. Cloud providers realize that adding DDoS detection and mitigation services will keep their hosting clients happier than simply null-routing the DDoS attack. Services like Anycast allow incoming requests to be distributed among a network of machines to prevent having only one point of failure, and services like Cloudflare and Incapsula are now being integrated into cloud platforms to offer one-click proactive DDoS protection.

Businesses Rolling Their Own Cloud Platforms
Cloud software management software like OnApp made it simple to set up a private cloud platform for business use. The drawbacks of OnApp are its ongoing licensing costs ($100 - $500/month) which still requires a cloud platform on which to reside upon (like VMWare). There are now robust open-source alternatives available such as OpenStack and CloudStack. These open-source cloud management platforms allow for more freedom and customization to meet your business''s needs. But managing it is a non-trivial endeavor that will take systems administration experience. If you''d like help getting your business''s technology up where you''d like it to be, don''t hesitate to contact us today.

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