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22 Jul

Latest Technology-Windows Users Don't be Caught by Surprise!

It's hard to keep up with all the technology developments, but generally companies at least have control of which operating system they are using on their PCs or laptops.  In the case of Microsoft users, some may be surprised to find out their machine was recently upgraded to the newer Windows 10 operating system without their knowledge.

Microsoft has been routinely advising their users to upgrade to Windows 10 for those with older operating systems.  Currently the upgrade is free, although that will change after July 29th of this year.  Of course, it is almost always beneficial to take advantage of free items particularly in this case, because after July 29th the upgrade will have a price tag of over $100.  However for some, a new operating system may bring up conflicts with some of their current hardware and/or software programs.  In these cases, some may want to opt out of the upgrade altogether or at least have control over the timing of the upgrade in order to first resolve any hardware or software conflicts.  Automatically receiving an upgrade only to have to remove it and restore the old operating system is time-consuming and can potentially be at least tricky, if not downright disastrous for some users.

Fortunately, Microsoft has provided a mechanism for those who prefer to opt out of the upgrade altogether.  If you'd like to opt out of receiving the Windows 10 operating system, follow the instructions outlined here.  For those who do want the newer operating system, but would like to have control over the timing of the upgrade, the link also provides instructions on how to schedule a day and time for the upgrade to occur.

Companies that would like to save some cash and are ready for a new operating system, will want to take advantage of Microsoft's free offer.  For others, spending a few minutes to proactively opt out of the upgrade can potentially save hours of frustration trying to get company PCs or laptops back to smooth operation.

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