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17 Mar

Innovations to Expect With Microsoft

There are a number of creations on the online front that seeks to deliver better services to users of various applications. That is what sets Microsoft and other providers apart. Service providers have to embrace innovation to remain relevant because they operate in a highly competitive environment and here is what to expect with Microsoft.

Windows 10

Introduction of Windows 10 by Microsoft promises to change the way people interact with technology because it runs on an ARM processor. The processor for this application supports 64-bit capabilities. The implication is that Photoshop can run on this platform and the best thing is that this can happen on mobile phones’ processors.

Surface RT

This innovation brings the capabilities of low-power consumption for mobile processors. Besides, there are possibilities to some Windows apps on the Surface RT, which completely changes the opportunities that cell phone users can realize. Introduction of Windows 10 is a clear indication that Microsoft is on course to make Surface RT better and finally make it available to users as well.

Smart tablets

In an era where there is an app for almost anything you need to enhance your office operations, ease of access to these apps is a necessity. If Microsoft is in a position to create a laptop that gives you access to every app you need, then, that will give this entity an upper hand over Apple. A thin, light tablet that is Qualcomm-powered is a good example of such a laptop.

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