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31 Aug

If You Sell Business Tools, You Need a PWA

PWAs aren't just for consumers. Here are four reasons a PWA can make your business to business products stronger:

1. Users can't afford to lose content.

One of the easiest ways to make users hate your tool is for them to lose progress they've made on a project. If one of your customer's employees is working on a mobile device, they might not notice when the network access disappears. When they click to a new page, that usually means all of the entered or modified information is gone.

Build your tool in a PWA so your users have a buffer of offline saving.

2. Help them cache related pages for offline reference.

At the same time, users may need access to other pages within your portal to get their work done. A PWA's service worker can be trained to download and cache the most likely help, reference, and account pages to let offline work continue. If your customer's employees can keep working while everyone else in the coffee shop has to stop and worry about delays or lost information, your customers will trust you more.

3. Improve load times even in spotty Internet.

PWAs aren't just useful when there's no Internet. They smooth over gaps when there's spotty coverage. More and more workers are starting their workday before they're commute or even while they're on the train. Build your tool to keep up with them.

4. Allows transactions even during power outages.

If your business tool is involved in commercial transactions, that means it needs to be up and working 24/7. But sometimes your customers' premises will have network access loss or power outages. If you're already building a PWA, build in the ability to record transactions offline and safely (but temporarily) store card details. When your customers can keep making sales despite the odds, they'll keep renewing with your company.

Go to folio1 for more technical tips about PWAs.

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