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28 Jun

How to Stop Ransomware from Threatening Your Company

Digital Transformation

For every tool and trick your IT department has to avoid malware, there's a new kind of malware to get around it. But the biggest for the rest of 2018 is going to be a form of attack most companies have heard of before: ransomware. According to Verizon's 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, ransomware is the most common tool for effective attacks. Not only is ransomware the tool of choice for 39% of data breaches that use malware, the number is just the latest peak in a multi-year trend. 

While it's not safe to ignore any type of malware or cybersecurity threat, make sure your ransomware defenses are a priority through Q3 and Q4. Here's how to strengthen your company's systems:

Layer your defenses and add more security to your servers.

Ransomware slows down business wherever they pop up, regardless of your company's response to the ransom threat. But more and more ransomware attacks are trying to strike at the center of corporations for bigger payouts. Instead of holding individuals or devices hostage, malicious actors are trying to reach your servers. So make sure your servers and encryption tools have their own defense systems. If possible, keep the security completely separate from the more user-facing defenses so phishing schemes can't reach as deeply.

Backup of your data and hold it separately.

Most companies don't have adequate anti-ransomware defenses, and even being ahead of the curve doesn't promise that you won't get caught in a trap. So make sure some of your defenses are designed to mitigate the damage. Frequently back-up your files and your databases to make a successful ransomware attack less of an emergency. When you can afford to respond calmly and keep business going as usual, you are better able to find the source of the threat.

Malware and data leaks are expensive. They're in the news almost every day and the results are devastating. So shore up your defenses against ransomware and other malicious attacks. Browse our site for more news and tips.

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