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25 Jul

How the IoT and the Cloud Are More Than the Sum of Their Parts


It's hard to say what technology has had the most effect on the modern workplace. Almost anything you could name has a reasonable chance at the first place spot. A great deal of those effects have been positive: machine learning, automation, and even increased access to a reliable Internet network. But because everything is so new and constantly improving, it can be hard to take a step back and see how to improve all of these new systems in conjunction rather than skyrocketing forward with one type of technology.

Make sure your technology is working together.

Whether you're using the tools or building them, it's easy to get trapped in one way of thinking. The technological market is hypercompetitive. But there's room for everyone's ideas. One of the best examples of this is a smart camera doorbell.

It's part of the remotely accessible Internet of Things.

Devices that let their owners know what's happening at home are a surging part of the consumer market. Things like smart window and appliance sensors, smart light bulbs, and even remote garage door controls are convenient. But that's only because the technology is augmented by wi-fi connections and algorithms stored on the cloud. All of these reports about trends and spikes in electricity that homeowners value aren't stored or analyzed in the device. That data is living elsewhere.

It's using the cloud.

Whenever there's a nearly infinite pocket of space for devices' data to live, it's suddenly possible to have hundreds of devices delivering and digging through terabytes of data. Without the cloud, smart devices would be restricted to local storage and could only recognize triggers in isolation instead of getting smart.

It can handle facial and circumstantial recognition.

Speaking of getting smarter, machine learning is quickly adapting to all manner of machine learning. Without AI, smart doorbells may have been restricted to pinging you if someone rang the doorbell and making you answer it. But because of machine learning, doorbells can recognize familiar faces, alert you if a face seems suspicious, and even categorize background alerts like someone walking through the yard. Again, none of that would have been possible without a cloud to handle the computing.

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