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29 Nov

How the Internet of Things Will Improve Society


The Internet of Things is a movement in which more and more consumer and commercial products and services are becoming connected to form one enormous network. Today, more there are around 20 billion products that have some level of connectivity and that number is expected to more than double in the next five years.

While The Internet of Things is used largely for consumer and entertainment purposes today, it has the potential to be the next Industrial Revolution. There are predictions today that it could have a major impact on businesses, government, consumers, and a wide range of other entities. There are several near-term predictions for the Internet of Things that could have a lasting positive benefit on society.


One way that the Internet of Things could benefit society is through improved Healthcare. In the future it is expected that doctors and patients will be able to share more information than ever before. This can include sharing information of blood pressure and glucose monitoring done at home, showing exactly when prescriptions are being refilled, and providing remote healthcare change suggestions.

Grocery Shopping

The grocery shopping experience will be changed significantly with the Internet of Things. Smart refrigerators and home automation systems will allow you to easily make updated grocery lists. The grocery lists will then be able to be inputted automatically online, which could allow your grocery store to place and order and shipment for you. This will be able to reduce the amount of time you spend meal planning and at the store.

For more information about The Internet of Things and how it could affect you and the rest of society, contact out team today.

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