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15 Feb

How The Internet of Things is Benefiting Transportation

One of the most impactful movements going on in the world today is the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a movement in which more and more daily products and services are gaining Internet connectivity for the purposes of sharing and using available data. Overall, The Internet of Things is impacting the world a number of different ways. One part of the world that is continuing to benefit from The Internet of Things is the transportation and logistics industry. This industry is going to be further impacted a number of different ways.

Control Traffic

One of the main ways that the Internet of Things will be able to benefit major cities across the world is by providing real time traffic updates and controlling traffic patterns. Today, millions of cars already have some form of GPS built-in. Once these cities are able to better utilize this data, they will be able to better determine current traffic conditions. A city will then be able to automatically update its traffic patterns and light sequences to allow traffic to move more smoothly.

Public Parking

The Internet of Things will also assist in parking in densely populated cities. Today, there is no way for drivers to know where there are available parking spots.  However, this is soon going to change and cities are developing ways to identify open parking spots and provide the detail to nearby drivers.  This should help drivers identify areas that have an abundance of open parking spots.  

Reliable Public Transit

One of the biggest concerns that people have about public transportation is that it is not always reliable. In the near future, more users across the world will be able to receive real-time data of where a train or bus is and whether there is an open seat.

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