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5 Jan

How Platforms Impact Customer Business Relationship

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With the customer base rapidly shifting to use of online means to conduct business, companies are embracing the use of platforms to improve their efficiency. Platforms allow businesses to automate and synchronize every customer interaction bases, including marketing customer service and support.   

Some of the ways platforms help businesses improve their services and relationships include:   

Increased customer interactions

With the advanced integration of social media into businesses, platforms improve customer interactions, thus allow organizations to react to customers’ needs and concerns anywhere, anytime leading to improved efficiency and results to a happy customer.       

Customer profile overview   

Platforms such as CRM enable you to view your clients' full profile overview, including the last history with you, their comments about the product and services offered and any other outstanding customer issues, hence enable the company to review its services and customer relationships and aim at improving on flawed areas.   

Allows discreet resolution of inquiries   

With integration of many platforms to social media platforms, businesses can respond to queries without losing track of the customers. A comment about the firm posted on Facebook or Twitter can also be resolved in the email of the individual customer discreetly without raising any further queries into the matter.

Folio1 comes in to help the business drive its activities forward by providing the latest business software integration into a company's management systems to give the company a competitive edge by enabling a company flexible access in the area of expertise needed. Folio1 focuses on improving technical systems of the company and increasing efficiency to cut on cost.

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