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4 Sep

How iBeacon Software Platform Could Boost Revenue Sales

What is the iBeacon Software Platform?

In 2013, at its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed the iBeacon Software Platform. Its purpose is to allow consumers to take advantage of apps on their mobile devices, such as the iPhone, to connect to beacons set up in the real world.
iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy, wireless technology used to send data over a small space. It differs from its predecessor, Bluetooth, by using less energy, transmitting simpler data, and, therefore, costing less.

How Could iBeacon Increase Revenue?

In a retail setting, a company would have several beacons set up throughout the store to improve the customer experience. It could be used to welcome a shopper, guide a consumer through a store, alert a customer to sales, and give helpful reminders as they continue their shopping experience.

For example, as the customer is shopping using an app on their mobile device, it would pick up the signal from a beacon and alert the consumer to the discounted product they are interested in.

This technology would allow companies to track consumers as they navigate through various stores, would allow retailers to guide consumers to products to increase their revenue, and would allow customers to find deals to help them find what they’re looking for and save money in the process.

In addition to retail, iBeacon has the potential to be used at hospitals, theme parks, concert venues, schools, hotels, airports, and tourist destinations.

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