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12 Aug

How Engineers Become Leaders With Agile Project Management

Management techniques are often treated as a broad science, applicable to all types of business in general. However, managing a team of software engineers brings with it a unique set of challenges that are best met with a management style that has an eye for both the needs of the team, as well as the needs of the customer.

Agile project management is an approach that addresses the quirks of developing software, with particular concern for solving issues that arise only when a software feature is fully realized and usable. The project manager considers each feature the customer needs, point by point, and has their team deploy the work quickly and completely, so the unrealized -- often unintentional -- issues that inevitably emerge from complete software become the core focus of the team as soon as possible.

The core of this management approach is to break down each feature of the software that the customer needs, then iterating on that feature until it meets the standards of both the software team and the customer, with as few bugs as possible. When major features complete development, the team immediately considers the whole of the project and the project manager comes up with a new list of features and issues to address, ranked by priority.

For engineers transitioning to management, Agile offers a realistic solution for the volatile nature of software. For a project manager with roots and experience in software, Agile is the missing link between the needs of the customer and the realities of creating software and tools from scratch.

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