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24 Jan

How Cities are Using the Internet of Things to Improve Quality of Life

Folio1 Collaborative Development

The Internet of Things has been a very significant movement that has brought an incredible amount of convenience and improved efficiency to people all over the world. Today, many of the products and services that are connected devices are consumer products that provide and share real-time data.

While there will be more and more consumer products that are connected every year, the Internet of Things will also bring a lot of improvements to cities and other municipalities. There are several current smart products and services that will continue to be enhanced and expanded in cities across the world.

Smart and Connected Vehicles

One of the biggest improvements that cities will have is more access to smart and connected vehicles. In the future, more and more vehicles will have GPS technology and the ability to share in on a city-wide network. This will then provide a vehicle with a lot of benefits including real-time traffic data, route planning efficiency, and even the ability to reserve parking spots in advance. 

The city will also be able to use this data to alter traffic light sequences to improve traffic flow and ensure emergency vehicles are able to reach their destination. Some cities are also using data from vehicle to better determine which intersections have a higher rate of dangerous driving moves including sudden hard turns, slamming on the brakes, or increasing speed to get through an intersection and traffic light.

Smart Buildings

Today, many cities are investing heavily to improve the overall efficiency of their buildings. One of the ways that they will do this is by having automation systems installed in buildings. This will help by providing enhanced security services while also doing a better job of controlling energy usage. This will help to reduce energy bills and limit waste of fossil fuels.

If you are interested in how cities are using Internet of Things technology, contact us to learn more.  

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