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5 Dec

How Artificial Intelligence Will Grow in Coming Years

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While 2017 saw a lot of innovation in the artificial intelligence industry, the next few years are expected to see plenty of development in the field.  There are several predictions about artificial intelligence that will continue to have a major impact on both AI and the rest of the world.  


Healthcare Will See Boost

Of all the different applications for AI technology, the healthcare industry could see the biggest boos and improvement from the technology.  In the coming years, artificial intelligence will be able to help people to identify potential health concerns and continue to cope with and manage existing health concerns.  This will include the use of care and companionship robots, which are expected to increase considerably in popularity in the next few years. 


More Products Will Utilize Voice Technology

The most common way that AI products will interact with humans is through voice recognition.  While many people already use voice-recognition products through their phone and home automation systems, it is expected that more and more daily products will incorporate this technology in coming years.  This will help to make these products smarter and more interactive.


Far More Investment

Another prediction about artificial intelligence is that there will be far more investment in the field than ever before.  As companies in a variety of industries see more applications for AI, they will continue to invest to stay ahead of the field.  While many of these projects will continue to develop, others will struggle to get off the ground and could prove to be costly.


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