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6 Jun

How Are PWAs Bridging the Gap Between Apps and Websites?

WWW isn't the only way to enjoy the Internet, anymore. In fact, it's been a long time since web pages had to start with a World Wide Web prefix. Sites that focus on user interaction and work often start with an app.domain.com or record.domain.com, depending on the nature of the functionality. Once you log in or access a specific part of a site, it changes to incorporate specific features and permissions. PWAs, or Progressive Web Apps, are also differentiated by this prefix so that a specific part of a total site acts more like a native app both online and offline.

But that's how PWAs are shifting app traffic to web traffic. How are PWAs shifting to be more like apps?

They're more accessible in different Android tools.

PWAs were originally just designed to be on home screens. They would act like a cross between a tappable native app and a more user-friendly bookmark. Once a site sensed enough user engagement, it would prompt the user to capture the site and download an icon. However, the original PWAs only appeared on the homepage itself and in the general search function. They didn't appear in task switchers, a consumer's app library, or sending Settings. This limited engagement.

However, Google, Samsung, and other OS providers are looking for more ways to make PWAs act like apps in terms of searchability and access. They can be found where other app specs are organized, can be accessed through libraries or automated triggers, and more.

It removes the landing page middleman.

WPAs were built to reduce friction between company sites and returning users. Phones make it hard to type domains, and people don't want to have to download an app. So instead of being rerouted to a landing page that forces you to download an app or look elsewhere for the information, like how review sites require an app download before you get full content access, WPAs give you the information and prompt you to download at the optimal moment of engagement.

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