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25 Aug

HoloLens - Exposing a Whole New World

Virtual and mixed-reality concepts were mere science fiction even just a few years ago.  But now HoloLens is introducing a whole new world that incorporates applications ranging from the entertaining to the life-saving.  In this post, we will highlight just a few of the ways in which mixed-reality technologies like HoloLens are exposing an entirely new world to mainstream users.


It's one thing to teach students by way of textbooks and educational films, it is quite another to actually allow them to learn about the world by providing the clearer insights found in mixed-reality applications.  Instead of students reading about history in a textbook or showing them a film about oceanography or the universe, applications like Hololens can allow them to experience these environments almost first-hand.

Expand the World of Senior Citizens and the Disabled

Applications like HoloLens allow those with physical disabilities to explore areas where they are physically unable to go.  By expanding their world, they can receive a greater sense of engagement and participation in life.  In addition, companies like Rendever are making a big difference in the lives of senior citizens who are unable to live on their own.  By allowing senior citizens to revisit their lifelong hometown community and even the home they used to live in, it evokes powerful, positive memories which help stave off depression.  They are no longer bound within the four walls of their nursing home, but can find enjoyment in "visits" to the ocean depths or the French countryside.

Expand Insights for the Medical Community

The medical community is just beginning to consider the uses of virtual and mixed-realities within their profession.  Currently there is great interest in helping patients by turning medical imaging into 3D models.  This can provide physicians with a greater insight into medical issues, assist them in planning for complicated surgeries and can help patients gain a clearer understanding of their own illnesses.

The potential for mixed-reality applications to dramatically change our world is only limited by human imagination.  In a few year's time, game-changing and life-saving abilities previously thought impossible may very well be mainstream with the incorporation of the exciting technologies of virtual and mixed-realities.  

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