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9 Oct

Headed towards the future with the Internet of Things


For almost half a decade, the ever-increasing buzz on the Internet of Things continues to persist, and it is clear that this concept is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, more people now believe that this technology is the future due to the much evidence supporting this claim. The prediction reports said that by the year 2020, close to 30 billion devices will connect to the Internet of Things. The IoT refers to a network or system of interconnected machines, objects, and devices that can collect data and communicate with each other. Embedded into these objects are sensors, various software and network connectivity that facilitates the collection and exchange of information and the communication.

The basics of how the IoT works are in the above definition. The connection and communication of machine to machine generates data that has various applications. Essentially, it involves three components; responsive firmware that is capable of retrieving data, the software that enables data collection, processing and manipulation, and the technology or communication infrastructure that makes information exchange possible. It goes beyond to machine communication by allowing interactions outside the network and availing the data obtained to third-party applications.

Employing IoT, now and in the Future

As the digital revolution continues, folio1 is at the forefront in using IoT to provide its services. There is an increased preference for Cloud hosting services employing IoT services like the Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure. folio1 is a leading provider of such services where the cloud and IoT have a complementary relationship. The success of these services just goes to show how much influence IoT will exert on the future and how much of necessity it continues to become. As IoT generates a lot of data, internet and data handling infrastructure need to improve. As it connects more and more devices, there is a necessity to harmonise their working together. Cloud computing proves to be an appropriate solution for the situation.

The future, therefore, points to an increase in the development and use of IoT cloud hosting services for efficient data management in organisations, companies and businesses.

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