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5 Jul

Great Developers: What, How, and Why

With increased dependence on internet based programming, as well as the expanding connectivity and reliance on the Internet of Things, developers are quickly becoming a rare commodity. From retail shops to auto garages, every size and variety of business requires a user-friendly, attractive, and marketable website and online interface.

It’s more important than ever for well established companies, as well as new venturing entrepreneurs to understand the value of a developer; their skill set, their unique services, and especially how to identify a the right developer for your project or job position. These aspects will aid in a successful pairing and, ultimately, a quality product.

The What and How of Finding a Great Developer

What is a Developer?

To begin, it's important to know what a developer does, what services they can offer, and how they differ from other technology personnel such as programmers. 

A developer is a businesses most integral asset when it comes to software programs and applications. This is the individual who will build and execute source code for your applications, including tasks such as writing, debugging, and executing source code for applications.

Developers and programmers both generally have a degree or background in computer science, yet their focuses and personalities differ. In short, programmers focus on excellent and flaw free code. Developers on the other hand write excellent code, but focus on incorporating other factors that may take priority. These “other factors” include knowledge of common problems and their solutions, as well as great communication, people, and process skills. Developers have been referred to as consummate generalists without a specialty.

Make it clear and concise!

It all comes down to the job posting. Developers are versed in one or multiple programming languages, plus they are educated in structuring software code. Of course, every developer has a different background and strengths. Make sure to highlight the specific type of developer required for the project or position, such as a software developer, application developer, web developer, or a mobile developer.

How to identify a great developer?

As with most hiring processes, finding a skilled developer requires the same due diligence and intuition. While education is important, an extensive, proven background is even more valuable when it comes to technological prowess. Personality is also a huge factor. Developers need to be able to build programs and applications based upon the needs, brand, and vibe of the client, be it an individual, business, or company.

Below are a few tips for hiring a great developer:

Talent Marketplaces

For those without the time or knowledge to hire a developer on their own, the internet offers online talent marketplaces. While some of these marketplaces are sub par, a great marketplace can offer excellent candidates. Toptal is a highly recommended marketplace with great reviews.

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