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19 Oct

folio1 Supports Automation to Benefit Employees and the Entire Enterprise


A while ago when one spoke of automation in companies, many would think it meant replacing the human resource with machines, depersonalised workplaces and robotic employers. Those who were pro-automation then may have seen it as a “necessary evil” while employees who thought it replaced them only saw it as evil. However, as the world continues to advance technologically, it is apparent that the complexity involved in automation and its necessity in today's digital world goes beyond replacing human labour. In fact, some technologies and automated processes create employment opportunities. Moreover, they ease working conditions and have very straightforward operations, which means no layoffs because one can quickly learn on the job.

folio1 is the leading provider of automation services that ensure your entire organisation benefits. Our work is to integrate modern technology including various software, the internet of things, cloud computing and hosting, artificial intelligence and other applications into your business. We are keen to ensure that your company runs efficiently, costs are low, delivery of products and services is efficient, transactions are easy, and your employees and customers are happy. Automation services are among the technologies that aid in this endeavour.

In enterprise industry, the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) continues to gain popularity due to the convenience it brings about in companies. Nowadays, you can easily incorporate RPA technology into IT infrastructure without having to spend so much money on refurbishing, renovating or redesigning existing processes. It is beneficial because it takes on tedious and time-consuming back-office clerical tasks with high-efficiency. This convenience fills the need for full-time employees doing mundane, repetitive, tiresome tasks. Rather, it allows them time to focus on other important matters in the company. It enables them to work on more exciting, high-value projects that promote ideas which enable growth and progress for both the individual and the company. Such working conditions boost employee morale to explore interesting aspects of their job.

Automatic processes can work tirelessly, around the clock, and are highly accurate because they eliminate human error. Machines and software are not entirely autonomous as they still need people to operate and maintain them. In the end, you have these robotic processes and your employees working harmoniously to achieve company objectives. folio1's DevOps uses artificial intelligence to give companies automated and configured predictive analytics for their delivery cycles. With our wide range of customised automation software, applications and solutions for your business, we ensure satisfaction for you, your employees, your customers and all the stakeholders. 

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