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Email Security - Microsoft 365

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Email Security, it’s not a problem until it becomes a problem.

Does your business use Outlook/O365 for email communication?

Did you know that over the past 12 months there has been several releases to the Microsoft 365 suite & there have been several new addons. And a lot of the changes have been around security to help business protect their data.

Security & Compliance is not always on the mind of SMB, so selecting a product that can provide a everything as a service is gaining strong traction for most SMB’s today.

SMBs are targets for cyberattacks because they are viewed as having minimal defenses to modern day threats. An anti-virus solution alone is incapable of addressing the security risks today's businesses face. Make the case for proactive security. 

With Microsoft 365 as the foundation of your security solution you can help protect your business and your assets, simplify your security strategy, and confidently embrace new technology – all while growing your business.

So, what’s the right fit for your business?

In all cases this depends on your business needs & the current size of your business…

There are 3 groups that we call the following; That gives our team areas to focus on when recommending the right solutions for our customer’s needs.

  • Teamwork
  • Modern Business
  • Advanced Security

For business that are looking at advanced security and are under the 300 users we would be recommending Microsoft 365 Business, if you’re a larger business enterprise then a step up into Microsoft 365 E5 would be a more suitable fit.

Both have different features, but both products Advanced Threat Protection Plan 1. But 365 E5 has Window defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), note that this is moving into the enterprise offering, so for the small business the Microsoft 365 Business would be the best fit. It also a very good step from Office 365 Business Premium.

Combining Microsoft 365 solutions, software, professional services, and Azure cloud solutions to build a complete offering for your business will help your business grow quickly…

folio1 has been a Microsoft partner for over 10 years & have been supporting customers with end to end solutions across the Microsoft products & Azure Cloud services to help transform their business to the cloud.



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