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31 May

Dynamics 365: Enterprise Edition for Retail


Retail, once only a brick-and-mortar affair, has gone digital in recent years, so customers can now shop both online and in physical outlets. Stores Magazine editor Susan Reda views Amazon's recent purchase of Whole Foods as a sign of a growing trend. That coupled with the integration of such technologies as AI and VR, Reda predicts, will make 2018 a great year for retail. If you work in the industry, you'll find that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition for Retail could prove an excellent tool. Here are five reasons why: 

Improving the Shopping Experience

Retailers can provide customers a more satisfying shopping experience across all channels, engaging them on a more personal level throughout stores, websites, call centers, and mobile devices. Flexibility and convenience are key here: customers can pick up items or have them delivered. They can also participate in various incentive programs, including gift card, promotions and loyalty programs.

Optimizing Your Customer Service

The module also helps improve efficiency by providing retailers with the latest technology and tools, enabling them to give better customer service by providing their employees with access to real time customer, inventory, order and product information. Furthermore, retailers are able to deliver improved service by lending employees access to real-time customer, inventory, product and order details.  You can provide a wider array of product choices by blending the best of in-store and online shopping experiences. You could obtain more control over store operations through automation and advanced operational capabilities.

Manage Your Merchandising

It lets you position your products at the right prices in the most cost-effective channels by homing in on such functions as product information, assortment, pricing, and categories in a central database, enabling you to improve your ROI. Centralizing your data allows you to streamline your merchandising operations more effectively. It lets you increase your sales and promotions by gauging such factors as customer loyalty, channels, and seasons. 

Streamline Your Business Operations

You'll also be able to streamline your business processes through operational and customer insights so you could make intelligent management decisions. It'll enable you to enhance your fulfillment and inventory operations. You'll be able to manage your inventory operations more effectively at the appropriate locations. Workflows could be handled more efficiently, enabling your company to accomplish more and complete more transactions by day's end.

Lets You Innovate With Ease

Through AI-driven deep insights, you can improve your customer relations and consequently accomplish your business objectives seamlessly. You can furthermore expedite the time to market with a range of mobile and web apps through no-code visual editors. The module also provides a platform where you can automate a range of systems and applications for a better experience. You can moreover lower the cost and complexities of securing your data in one of its data centers.

For more information on streamlining your retail operations through Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition, please contact us.

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