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28 Apr

Drive Sales With Microsoft's Three Cloud Approach

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is overseeing the integration of LinkedIn with Microsoft's long-term goals. When Microsoft made the $26 billion acquisition last year, it purchased tons of data that will prove useful to those who rely on Microsoft Dynamics to drive sales. Unlike stand-alone sales software, data held within Microsoft Dynamics will be available across Microsoft's three-cloud ecosystem where it can be used to contextualize customer relationships and foster meaningful connections. 

Cloud One: Office 365

Office 365 is all about efficiency. Email integrates with calendars, document sharing, project management and other tools all through one interface. When this technology connects to artificial intelligence-powered insights, users can receive valuable information regarding the level of warmth between the sales person and a potential, or current, client. Nadella envisions a future where users are able to "load [data] into AI for themselves.

Cloud Two: Azure

If Office 365 is all about efficient communication and workflow, then Azure is all about data. With its infinite storage, stable platform and international scope, Azure securely holds data for SMBs as well as enterprise level organizations. With the introduction of sales-oriented AI, this data can be mined and matched to relevant leads within the LinkedIn universe.

Cloud Three: Dynamics

Nadella's thoughts on the future of Microsoft Dynamics are strategic and sound. Reuters reports that Microsoft's long-term goal is to create a sales and finance platform that does not replicate other sales software. Microsoft will accomplish this by linking each cloud to a "common set of business data," creating an integrated ecosystem which will provide a superior level of AI mining and insights. It seems that LinkedIn will provide Microsoft with its first common set of business data.

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