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4 Oct

Do You Have a PWA? Your Site Needs One

No matter what sort of business you're in, the majority of your online visitors are coming to your site for any of three different reasons:

  1. They need to solve a problem.
  2. They want to be entertained.
  3. They like your site and are coming back directly.

No matter which of these three motivations you're targeted, the odds are good your traffic is coming from a mobile device. People who want to solve a problem are probably searching for the answer as they stand in front of whatever's broken. People who want to be entertained are bored; they're on a train in the middle of their commute, they're standing in line, or they're somewhere they don't want to be. The third group, even though it's made up of stronger leads than your first-time visitors, want fresh new content and for your site to remember their preferences. 

That means your site needs a PWA, or progressive web app.

What is a PWA?

A Progressive Web App is a cross between a native app and a traditional web page. They are equipped with a code-based tool called a service worker. This tool caches content quickly. It intuitively guesses what your visitors will need for the next few minutes (such as the remainder of a video, the rest of the homepage, or the next short podcast in a series) and caches the information in the background.

This means your site has a much faster loading time than traditional sites. When you have a bored audience or a frantic user who needs an answer quickly, then load time is one of the most important factors.

A PWA also helps you access content offline. Trains and subways lose Internet access without warning. Not every queue will have good wi-fi. A PWA with a service worker means your visitors can continue to consume content without interruption, even at spotty connection points. That gives your website a sizable advantage over the competition because your website is more enjoyable to be on. It also means, even if the connection drops for a second, the visitor will stick around instead of leaving your site and forgetting about you. 

If you want to learn more about adding a PWA to your company site and other tech developments to make your site stronger, contact our team...

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