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29 Nov

Digital Strategies and How They Benefit Your Business

Folio1 Continuous Delivery

Businesses today have more options in terms of communication, market accessibility and brand expansion. With the advent of technology, traditional office settings are becoming obsolete. Employees can now work from any location and at any time, even while in transit. Social media has better-acquainted company management with customer needs, industry expectations and global trends. This is where incorporating the latest digital strategies makes your business stand out.


Teleconference calls, webinars and instant messaging are some ways to ensure team members in different locations are able to efficiently collaborate on company assignments. One popular conference calling software is UberConference. It offers screen-sharing, a free recording system, as well as document exchange through Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote.


In a competitive interconnected world, there is no room for errors and slowing down. Many businesses use time-tracking software to direct how much time they spend on projects. For example, AccountSight allows users to coordinate receivables, payables and company cash. The software also integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. 

Smart Payment

With buyers becoming increasingly tech savvy, businesses can ill-afford to miss out. Recently, tech startup Coin introduced a Bluetooth device that combines all your credit cards, gift cards, rewards cards and others into one "Smartcard". The Smartcard can even be used to withdraw money from an ATM. 


The days are coming to an end when people wait impatiently for their goods to arrive through post. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revolutionized shipping by launching a fleet of drones that can deliver goods in less than an hour. With customers seeking instant gratification, technology is taking expedited shipping to new heights. 

Data Processing

Cloud computing has vastly improved Big Data analytics. As opposed to a physical storage that can sustain damage, the cloud provides a safe and secure virtual warehouse for data. Shared platforms and software applications are some of the benefits of cloud computing. In fact, 75% of enterprises with 1,000 employees or more have at least one app or platform running in the cloud.

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