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27 Jan

Digital Marketing Trends Expected to Impact 2017

Folio1 Startup News

Over the recent past, digital marketing has become a major technique for many organizations, with terms like content marketing, big data and market automation dominating search engines on the topic of marketing. While more and more digital marketing trends continue to emerge, there are those digital trends likely to impact the marketing world this year. In this article, we shall look at some of these trends.   

Use of big data   

In simple terms, big data marketing is the use of predictive analysis and customer insights to improve on services. It is a trend that many organizations prefer due to its massive success in increasing sales through personalization on websites in line with what the customer preferred, and enabled email marketing made possible by predictive analysis. Big data also work together with machine learning which mines data, interprets it and converts it into different customer preferences.   

Mobile marketing   

Another trend expected to hold its ground is mobile marketing. With the rapid advent of technology allowing for the mobile integration of its application, mobile marketing can only get better. Research shows that more and more people are using smartphones than desktops, hence making mobile marketing a popular technique among many marketers.   

Social media marketing   

Finally, no marketer can overlook the impact of social media when it comes to marketing. With more than half of potential consumers on social media, it’s logical that many marketers would use social media to target consumers. The live video streaming trend will amass a significant success due to its real-time advertising capability. Contact us now for more information.

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