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10 Feb

Develop and Deploy Web Applications in Windows Azure

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Using Windows Azure to develop and deploy web applications is a strategic way to decrease the need for complex infrastructure and maintenance. Azure supports multiple languages and frameworks, complies with ISO, SOC and PCI security standards and seamlessly scales to meet your organization's changing needs.

With the right development team, your business can swiftly deploy integrated apps that support your business goals.


Web app developers are able to build apps that integrate a variety of services including API, logic, web and mobile. Web apps are highly functional and adaptable. They support WordPress, JOOMLA, Umbraceo CMS and Drupal and integrate with Salesforce and Office 365. This means your employees can access the apps and services they need through one web app.

Azure faciliates continuous deployment with Git, GitHub, TFS and Visual Team Studio. In addition, there are few limits to the languages that are used to develop web apps, with apps supporting Java, Node.js, Python, C# and others. Azure's language recognition makes web apps easy to create and deploy because existing data from established websites migrates easily to new web apps.


Through Azure portal, developers have a variety of deployment options including cloud sync deployment, continuous deployment and local Git deployment. In only 11 steps developers can deploy an Azure web app. Experienced developers can deploy a web app in five minutes. Once deployed, web apps can be accessed through mobile, desktop, tablets and other devices through a single back-end.


Web applications are not housed in traditional infrastructure, rather they make use of all of the benefits found in typical PaaS models. With development and deployment taking place in the cloud, users don't have to patch their infrastructure. Updates are deployed as needed, which means that businesses can depend on web apps' security and low-maintenance features so their focus can stay on business and not on tech.

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